Maev, babe, don’t watch it.

Maev, babe, don’t watch it.

I appreciate the warning, I do – but I am made of stronger stuff than it might seem.

Random sexcepades of monumental stupidity don’t upset anywhere near as much as reproductive coercion.

Frankly, I think Amy is 100% better off where she is.


No Selina is not pregnant

Because I can already see people speculating.

Selina is post-fifty and Dan has lazy, lazy sperm. I know the writers appear to have only a noddin acquaintance with how human reproduction actually works, but that is not happening.

Not to mention, does anyone doubt for one second that Selina would get herself an abortion immediately? Where’s the drama in that?

I officially hate Selina with a passion – do y…

I officially hate Selina with a passion – do you think there's any hope of her getting a miserable ending – it seems like she's doing well in primaries so far…

Basic rule of writing – if they’re flying high in the middle of the story, they will not be at the end. That’s boring – there’s no suspense, no tension, no shift of mood.

So, Selina may be doing well now, but I think we can be pretty certain that it’s not going to last, and a reversal of fortune is just around the corner.

But guys, let’s make sure we’re hating Selina for the right reasons. As much as I think it is world-endingly-dumb for her to sleep with Dan – and I do – I don’t find this anywhere near as upsetting as pressuring Amy to get an abortion. I highly doubt that Selina did this with the intent of hurting Amy, or that she plans on Amy finding out about it. As coldly as she fired Dan, I don’t think she wants anyone to know.

Dan is not Amy’s exclusive property. As long as he has the decency and tact to keep his sexual exploits well the fuck away from her (which seems to be asking a lot in this show, since he can’t keep his dick out of her family members), instead of rubbing them in her face when he knows that upsets her, I truly don’t give a damn who he sleeps with.

Besides, always worth remembering – no fate could be as bad as being Dan or Selina, especially not with their magnificent ability to drive away the people who care about them.

rhrsoulmates: Anyone else think the camera wo…


Anyone else think the camera would pan over to reveal Marjorie?

(I can’t think of anything else M*nd*l can do to fuck us over, aside from the imdb spoiler – depending on how that pans out.)

If it had been Marjorie, that would have been shocking in a good way. And it would have dug into Selina’s narcissism.

As much as Selina sleeping with Dan entertained me (and it did, oh my god they’re both so stupid), there’s something mean-spirited about it, like the show is actively taunting every member of the audience who ever wanted to see Dan and Amy make it work. Which is a much bigger percentage than just the shippers.


Veep, 7.04, South Carolina

1. Oh man, I am ashamed of how much I enjoyed that. Dan, you fucking moron.

I mean, we always knew he was going to get fired some day because of his dick, but this is such a stupid, stupid way for it to happen. Having a one-night stand with his candidate who he knows has negative loyalty, even to Tom James, who she actually seems to love. Why on earth did he think having sex with Selina would get him anything? She’s not Amy, she doesn’t go around developing genuine attachments to people, she messed around Charlie Baird who she actually liked, so how he thought he would be safe I can’t imagine.

But it was very cruel of the showrunners to give me shirtless Reid Scott in a scene where I couldn’t enjoy the view, because I was too busy laughing at what stupid, stupid choices he was making. Like, dude, this is why settling down with Amy really would have been a better option for you – you would have been having just as much sex, you would have at least one person who would always be on your side AND that person is someone you actually seem to like. (At some point, forty years from now, he’s got to realise what a cock-up that was).

I said he was spiralling, but this really seems like it. He’s going to wind up a D.C. joke, no two ways about it.

2. Question: how can Selina fire Dan? Has BKD been wound up permanently?

3. Oh Selina. Sleeping with Dan – really? I mean, really? For what it’s worth, I’d assume she’d made the decision to fire him before they had sex – hence giving in and going for it. Can you imagine what the scene of the two of them…flirting their way into sex must have looked like? How do two people that narcissistic listen to the other person long enough to actually get down?

We’re going to find out there’s some competitive bullshit with Amy at the back of this, a kind of “anything you can do, I can do better” type of thing. I remember joking with @selina-meyer that the only thing Selina would ever want from Dan is sex – but I still think she can do better.

4. Proof of my theory that Dan and Selina are terrible, terrible soulmates – she throws him away just as callously as he has to dozens of women. Not so much fun when the boot is on the other foot, right?

5. The shark in the Keith Quinn suit emerges. Interesting – and far more subtly done than any other political operator in Veep. And people think Amy sabotaging Dan in London was cold. That said, taking out Dan is nothing that impressive – since he was virtually guaranteed to fuck himself into trouble sooner or later.

6. I’m assuming that Mike is going to “remember” his conversation with the Chinese at a suitably dramatic moment.

7. Selina, Selina, Selina, how many times have we been over this? Tom James is only ever nice to you when he’s about to sabotage you in some surprising and cold-blooded way. Watching all of this play out is making the length of her marriage to Andrew more intelligible, I’ll say that.

8. Dressing Amy up in Kellyanne Conway drag, didn’t really work – Anna Chlumsky is just too young and…healthy looking for it to quite land. Funnily enough, I always thought that was a likely trajectory for Dan.

9. The lengthy “dog-whistle” discussion was not nearly as funny as the writers thought it was.

10. Selina gives the signal that she’s willing to have the Chinese sabotage the election, because when it comes down to it, she can’t stomach standing up in front of a black congregation and justifying police brutality. So instead she disenfranchised tens of thousands of black voters. I guess this is what happens when the three percent of what used to be her conscience gets activated.

11. I’m curious where they’re going with the Hero!Richard thing. It’s interesting for me that for all Veep is about supposedly cut-throat politicians, none of the candidates we see are ever intentionally successful – they just bumble-fuck their way into a victory without ever realising how or why it’s happening.

12. If Jonah’s hot new Secret Service Guy is Amy’s new boyfriend (he’s in the cast for the final three episodes, so it seems possible) I think it’s clear that, between him and Marjorie, the route to personal happiness in Veep is getting it on with the Secret Service.

13. On a Veep Style front, we saw the first incarnation of Amy’s new look, and, surprise surprise, it’s not quite right – she’s got the dress sorted, but the hair and make-up are still being nailed down. Growing pains are to be expected.

She’s kind of getting a new lease of life from Jonah’s campaign I think – they’re doing so badly, there’s really nothing for her to lose, so why not go balls to the wall and get everything she can from it personally?

14. I was hoping for more from Keegan-Michael Key. He could have done that part in his sleep.



Have you noticed how much Jonah's charact…

Have you noticed how much Jonah's character has changed? Sure, he's always been ridiculous, but he was still a functional human being with at least average intellect and social abilities. Now he's just this egotistical buffoon with zero self awareness.

I’m not sure I’d be willing to agree that Jonah had “average intellect and social abilities” – I feel that’s slightly insulting to the average human.

I do not know what you mean though anon, I just think it’s far less jarring in Jonah’s case, because his starting point was already larger than life to begin with.

It helps though that people within the show are still reacting to Jonah with a natural degree of disgust – they have to tolerate him, but they make it perfectly clear how unpleasant they find it. What’s frustrating with Dan and especially Selina is the way their behaviour has escalated so unpleasantly, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on how people relate to them.

Mike worked for Selina for almost a year, and doesn’t seem to have been paid – and is apparently fine with it – Leon knows Selina attempted to pimp Amy out (to think that used to be the plot point I hated the most) but if anything his contempt for her has lessened – Dan’s now hits on women by staring at them like a creep on the tube, but apparently they’re still falling at his feet…

Imagine how satisfying it would be if just once someone told Dan or Selina (or better both) how awful they are, in a way the audience wasn’t encouraged to shrug off.

What kills me is that the pregnancy storyline …

What kills me is that the pregnancy storyline had so much potential, and instead it ruined Dan and the Dan/Amy dynamic. Ultimately, it was pointless. I'm sure most fans would've been okay with it never even happening. Guess I'll do my best to forget any of this happened and accept your fanfic as my canon! (THANK YOU)

If we’re right and there’s a second pregnancy on the cards, the storyline may not have been a complete waste – it may change Amy’s decision-making process, at the least. (I am not optimistic regarding Dan). But I’ve made no secret of finding the whole way they’ve handled it extremely distasteful.

As for fic – this is the kind of scenario fic is designed for! Fic-writers should sally forth to set right what once went wrong.

It’s interesting to me – if only as an intellectual exercise – to compare what I did in You Were Always On My Mind to what’s happening in the show. Because I think I was struggling with similar issues in resolving the plot satisfactorily – that is, I was aware that the climax of Dan and Amy needed to happen simultaneously with the election, or the whole thing would feel unbalanced.

Hence, I’ve been keeping a kind of mental checklist, to see how many similarities there are. (Obviously, there’s one honking huge dis-similarity, since Amy had the abortion). So far, there’s Amy leaving to work on another campaign, Dan’s sleeping around being a wedge that drives them apart, and a time jump. It’s also seeming likely that we’ll end up with Jonah as VP. I’d say it’s unlikely that Selina’s mistreatment of Amy will become a factor in the primary campaigns – though for it to become public knowledge that Selina insisted on Amy having an abortion would be pretty damaging.

The big one that’s still up in the air is the second pregnancy. I included it in the fic because once I thought about it properly, it really seemed like such an obvious full circle moment – the story starts with both of them facing an unplanned pregnancy, so naturally it has to finish the same way. And the distance both characters has travelled is marked in how their reactions have changed.

I’m not even sure if that’s something I want to happen any more (at least, if the baby is Dan’s) but there’s a reason why I think it’s a possibility.

Dan’s behavior was so disgusting towards…

Dan’s behavior was so disgusting towards Amy. I’m mad she didn’t say anything to him. I find it insulting that after she told him she wanted to settle down, he is going to end up marrying someone who is barely older than Meagan and looks a lot like Amy.

And he’s going to get away with it because there is no comeuppance.

Anon, I share your frustration with how this has played out. I mean, I’ve been saying all along that I wanted a resolved ending between them, but maybe I should have put an asterisk on it that said “where Amy is happy.”

Because yes, if Dan is married in the future – which, going by the age of the Little Richard actor has to be at least fourteen years from now – that means that in the ‘present’ of the show, his future wife is eight years old. Gross. Gross gross…gross.

But I meant what I said about it being just about possible to tie all of this up in a way that we can live with.

I’m not saying that I’m expecting that, mind you, not at all – just that it is possible. Maybe he comes around to the idea of starting something with Amy, only to find out too late that he missed his final chance, because she’s settling down with someone who else. Maybe he winds up marrying a succession of tiny blonde women, none of whom care about him, and who he finds dissatisfying in some way that – being Dan – he just can’t put his finger on.

To be honest, at this point, as long as Amy gets to feel loved and desired by someone she actually likes, I think I could live with a lot. It’s the constant rejection – coupled with the insinuation that Dan has never been attracted to her – that I find really depressing. How is it possible that Amy experiences as much sexual rejection as Jonah?

I would love to know what was going through the writers heads when they did this – did they really intend for Dan to become as revolting as Jonah or Andrew?